The Recent Technology Developments in Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way since their inception and today there is new technology that is even more incredible than ever. Once upon a time vacuum cleaners were these huge contraptions that had big hoses and sucked up minimal dirt. Over the years that transpired into vacuum cleaners that were upright and could be pushed along the floor to clean up dirt and dust. After that another high moment in the history of vacuum cleaners was a self propelled vacuum that was programmed to clean a room and it was set on its on to do so. No more work with those vacuum cleaners. Talking vacuum cleaners were also introduced over the eyras. So, it comes as no surprise today that there are new technologies out and about that are amazing and wonderful.

One of these new technologies comes from the Halo(TM) UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum. The technology is incredible and the way it was invented was by the owners watching their triplet boys crawl around on their carpeted floor. They didn’t like to think what their babies were touching or what was lurking in the carpet, so they set out to do something about it. They invented a vacuum cleaner that uses ultraviolet light to kill all those creepy crawlies in your carpets. These include fleas, lice, mold, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and all the other germs that find their way into your rugs and carpets. The best news of all is that this vacuum doesn’t use chemicals that could harm your pets or your children as it simply uses ultraviolet light to kill those living creatures in your carpet and then the powerful vacuum sucks them up leaving a clean carpet that you have never experienced before.

The point of cleaning with ultraviolet light means that all those unwanted pests are killed immediately and unable to reproduce. So, if you have a flea outbreak all you have to do is vacuum then up. You will kill them all immediately, suck them up with the vacuum, and eliminate the need to call an exterminator or use any chemicals. And that’s not all. Viruses like the flu and plenty of other little nasties are killed and cleaned immediately. This results in a home that is cleaner than you ever imagined. Currently only one vacuum is on the market with this technology but it won’t be long before many more are following suit.

Stop worrying about your Hoover vacuum parts and keeping that old vacuum you have running with old vacuum parts. Go ahead and invest in a vacuum cleaner with state of the art technology that will allow you to really have the clean home you have been hoping for.

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